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Eventyret om den lille vejbod der så gerne ville være gårdbutik

The tale of the little roadside stand that wanted to be a farm shop

Once upon a time, there was a little roadside stand that had nothing to do all day long but look at the yellow fields of rape and dream about what it would be when it grew up.

The roadside stand had grown up in poor circumstances - Its first family had torn down an old carport and from the parts they had assembled the little roadside stand, painted it white and given it a commission - It would sell strawberries and potatoes for the family and thereby help put food on the table. The roadside stand made itself at home with its mother and father, enjoying the warm summer days and all the visitors saying "well, that's a nice little roadside stand". As the years went by, it had the urge to do something bigger - it was no longer satisfied with just selling potatoes and strawberries.

So when it was old enough, it looked for a new order and was lucky enough to be taken on as an apprentice at Lindelyst just outside Ejby. Here it had plenty to do. Now it had to sell onions, spinach and cherries and had to work from June to December before it could hibernate during the cold winter. It got new shelves, a cash box and new signs. It scared away thieves and invited customers to look at its many produces. It was a wonderful time for the roadside stand and it felt important and learned a lot. So it stood for two years and again the little roadside stand began to feel that it had now accomplished all that could be accomplished by a little roadside stand and when it went into hibernation in the winter of 2020, it dreamed of a higher position - A position as a farm shop. A farm shop with refrigeration, shade, lots of boxes and lots of produce.

When the little road stand woke up in the spring, it had made its decision. Nothing could hold it back. It wanted to be a farm shop with all that that implied! It went to its new mother and father and said "I want to be a farm shop, but I need your help, because I have no hands to build and I can't write or paint!". Mum and Dad were proud of the little roadside stand and wanted nothing more than for the roadside stand to be happy. So they set about getting a big fridge to help the roadside stand provide fresh produce. They built a large (slightly oversized 😊) rack with space for boxes that would offer all sorts of fruit, vegetables and plants and mum set about painting signs so visitors could find their way to the farm shop. The roadside stand was impatient, because it was so excited to open... but it had to wait and wait until everything was ready and it could step into its new role as a farm shop.

The little farm shop was overjoyed when it saw the new surroundings and the opportunities it brought and it was especially excited about the visitors who would soon come and say "Well, a nice little farm shop they have here". It now felt that it had achieved everything a small roadside stand could ever dream of.

Here it would be appropriate to have a "The farm shop lived happily ever after", but ... as the farm shop's life is not yet at an end, we don't know where its path will take it yet. Maybe it grows bigger, maybe it finds another career or maybe it goes out and experiences the world. We look forward to following the farm shop's further fate.

If you had the patience to read my whole little fairy tale, you might have gotten the point by now 😊. Our little roadside stand is turning into a farm shop and WE'RE OPENING ON SATURDAY! We are so excited and we really hope that our happy local customers will stop by and pick up some produce to take home.

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